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In a nutshell 

Renque is a powerful software application, designed for general-purpose discrete event simulations. With its comprehensive graphical user interface and versatile simulation engine, Renque offers a way to rapidly build true-to-life simulations, for a wide range of applications.


Rich in features

Renque is a full-fledged Microsoft Windows application, capable to model any imaginable logical process. Among the many helpful features that make modeling with Renque efficient and enjoyable are powerful animation tools, an incorporated calendar, a scheduling tool, a helpful event viewer and integrated scripting.


Renque is freeware. The application can be used for any commercial or non-commercial purpose at no monetary cost. The Renque developer also offers user support and consulting, but these are not generally free of charge. Redistribution of Renque is permitted so long as it is unchanged and free-of-charge.

Operating system requirements
Microsoft Windows™ version 7 or higher.