The phrase simulation generally refers to a technique of imitating the behavior of some process or system by means of operating a model. Computer simulations are used to acquire numerical information and improve understanding of systems, in an environment where experimentation with the real system is undesirable or impossible.

Renque is a software tool developed to create and operate discrete event simulation models. A discrete event is something that happens in an instant of time, with zero duration. Although gradual system transitions can be represented in a Renque model, the program was designed primarily to deal with instantaneous changes.

The high level of abstraction of discrete event simulation has resulted in a wide range of applications. Renque has been applied by a variety of public and private organizations to successfully analyze the logistics of such activities as:

  • Call center operation
  • Computer networking
  • Industrial production and manufacturing
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Office administration
  • Road and rail traffic
  • Sales planning
  • Stock exchange dynamics
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehousing and distribution