Easy to use

Renque has an intuitive graphical user interface and a comprehensive menu structure. You can apply convenient drag and drop operations to construct and manipulate a model. All object properties are accessible in a single window and properties of multiple objects may be modified in a single operation.

The simulation engine is extremely consistent and accommodates a wide variety of modeling strategies. The entity handling procedures of servers and links are highly adaptable through a range of object properties. The specific behavior of a system unit can usually be reconstructed accurately with just a few server and link objects. Where exhaustive control is required to match a real operation mechanism, short script commands can be used to tailor the model down to the smallest detail.

Renque has everything you need to develop bug-free and accurate simulation models. It offers an itemized event viewer to trace every simulation step. It features precise animation to examine your simulation in operation, and it has extensive script error reporting to detect code inconsistencies.