Feature list


Help functions

  • Context sensitive help.
  • Detailed and complete manual.
  • Getting started section with quick start guide and tutorial.

Model construction

  • Fully object-oriented modeling environment.
  • Object creation, positioning and duplication by drag-drop operations.
  • Mouse-controlled link creation, connecting and curve editing.
  • Splines, polygons and orthogonal curves.
  • Advanced selection methods, including grouping.
  • Support for undo, redo and repeat.
  • Cut, copy & paste of objects through the clipboard.
  • Dynamic viewport scaling and translation.
  • Hidden or locked layers.
  • Flexible alignment utility.
  • Fusion of model sections into sub-windows.
  • User-defined templates.
  • Viewport page configuration with automatic cross-linking. 

Simulation tools

  • Extensive means for data recording.
  • Integrated handling of shared resources.
  • Data storage in global and object variables.
  • Data storage in entity attributes.
  • Random number generation by a range of built-in probability density functions.
  • Simulation event viewer.

Results review

  • Organized display of simulation results and recorded statistics.
  • Statistical significance analysis of simulation results using confidence intervals.
  • Data export through the clipboard.


  • Animation of entity storage and travel.
  • Animation of server motion and changes in appearance.
  • Animation speed control.
  • Object representation by bitmaps and labels in customizable fonts.
  • Selective display of object elements.


  • Simulation customization by integrated scripting.
  • Script execution in response to simulation incidents.
  • Scheduled execution of scripts.
  • Script editing with automatic code completion.
  • Built-in script compiler.
  • Run-time error viewer.

Simulation clock

  • Optional physical time unit and Gregorian calendar reference frame.
  • Fully adjustable weekly timetables.
  • Broad range of time and date display options.
  • Simulation replications with unique random number sequences.


  • Bitmap repository with drag and drop support.
  • Text search capabilities.
  • Window arrangement utility.
  • Application preferences.