Renque simulation software

Decision-making made easy

Who is it for?

Successful managers always have good ideas for improvements. But it’s not easy to convince everyone involved of the advantages. There are uncertainties, and there is fear that expenses may be higher than expected.

Now there is a tool that helps you overcome such obstacles and get the ball rolling. Renque offers simulation software that can demonstrate the benefits of new ideas, free of risk. It’s an all-embracing solution, designed to get results efficiently. If you are looking for a powerful instrument to support management decision making, Renque simulation is your best choice.

In a nutshell 

Renque is a powerful software application, designed for general-purpose discrete event simulations. With its intuitive graphical user interface and versatile simulation engine, Renque offers a way to rapidly build true-to-life simulations, for a wide range of applications.

Rich in features

Renque is a full-fledged Microsoft Windows application, capable of modeling any imaginable logical process. Among the many helpful features that make working with Renque efficient and enjoyable are powerful animation tools, an incorporated calendar, a scheduling tool, a helpful event viewer and integrated scripting