Increase your profit!

Use simulations
You may have heard this one paraphrased before: 'Everybody believes in experimental results, except for the person who performed the experiment. Yet no one believes the results of a simulation, except for the person who created the simulation.' It is true. Renque can help you make things better by simulation. Renque simulations provide the key to developers and managers to discover and assess their own improvements, and for bringing the best of these into practice.

Stimulate creativity
A Renque simulation model makes it possible to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of new methods, routes or business strategies, free of risk. The results of simulations inspire new ideas which could have been missed or dismissed with a more restricted point of view.

Reduce costs
A crucial benefit of a Renque simulation is that it provides quantifiable knowledge of how your company works. You will be able to take the right decisions for improved profitability, based on calculated results for productivity and expenses.

Get results
Renque simulations have been successfully applied to processes in industrial production and other sectors. In Renque, a complex system can be reduced to a clear and manageable model, which contains the essence of the system while omitting unnecessary details.

Convince others
Simulations help you understand which factors affect the performance of your business. Results from simulations strengthen your arguments and make your presentations more convincing. With Renque you can compile simulation results into clear data reports and animations to any desired level of detail. You can visualize your ideas in a manner accessible to a wide audience.

Invest in knowledge
Renque models are flexible and expandable and model data are easily updated. They retain their value under changing circumstances. A Renque simulation model is a tool which provides continuing support for decision making. By working with Renque, you invest in knowledge.